Product Details

Weber Grate Grill Scrubber Pads

These aggressive grate cleaning pads are designed to clean and remove the toughest grease from your grill’s grates, maximizing the power of the Weber Grate Grill Cleaner.

  • Manufactured in the USA from 100% recycled materials.
  • NOT for use on Exterior Grill Surfaces; use ONLY in your grill’s INTERIOR.
  • Dirty pads can be cleaned with the Weber Grate Cleaner, rinsed, and re-used.

All of the synthetic (polyester) fiber used in the Weber Grate Grill Scrubber Pads and handle comes from 100% post-industrial recycled materials. The primary source of these materials are recycled soda and water bottles. Also, no phenol-formaldehyde resins are used in our binding process. We only use water-based latex resins that are better for the environment. And it’s all made here in the United States!